Local Radio Stations

We have a radio station in Windham; WRIP 97.9 FM. WE also have a station in Roxbury: WIOX 91.3 FM. Both stations can be heard on the Internet.

The two other strong stations are WGY 810 AM (Clear Channel) from Schenectady and WAMC 90.3 FM (NPR) from Albany.

Remember the tower on the hill across from Grand Gorge Station that was used to broadcast educational TV from Stamford to Grand Gorge village on Channel 4? It is still there, and now being used as an FM transmitter site for WGKR 105.3 FM, a member of a Christian radio network.

Here are some sounds from radio station WGY recorded in February 2004. They don't do school closings on the radio anymore; you have to check the WGY website for this information. Click on the underlined phrases to listen to the sound file(s). If an mp3 player isn't launched when you click on the below file links, you may have to reset the file type association, especially for Windows Vista. Click here for instructions.

WGY weather and station break (mp3 file, 43 seconds,172 kb)

School closings (mp3 file, 39 seconds, 154 kb)