How to Fix Your MP3 Player Program

If Windows Vista doesn't launch your MP3 player when you click on the sound file and it downloads to your computer, you might need to reset the file association for files ending in .mp3.

1. Go to the Control Panel and double-click "Default Programs".

2. Click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program." It takes a few seconds to load the list.

3. Scroll down until you find .mp3 in the first column. Double-click the file-type under the "name" column for ".mp3". It is probably showing something already, like "Windows Media Player", but it fails to launch the program.

4. A list of programs appears at the top section labeled "Recommended Programs" in a window called "Open With". Double-click the one you want. I chose "Windows Media Player" even though it was already selected. Again, it will show "loading" at the bottom of the screeen for a few seconds.

5. Close out of Control Panel and again click on the link to the .mp3 sound file. It should load and play.

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