The Grand Gorge (NY) Central School operated for 50 years from 1930 until 1980, graduating more than 700 students. Alumni and teachers continue to get together, with over 100 people attending the annual banquet each year.

Today, students who live in the area formerly served by the Grand Gorge Central School attend schools in Gilboa, Roxbury, or Stamford, and the Northern Catskills Occupational Center in Grand Gorge. The building which housed the Grand Gorge Central School is now the Civic Center and the Senior Apartments. The original two-story structure was made over into the apartments. In the "new" section (the Civic Center), the cafeteria is used for Senior Meals and other community events. The Gym is available for youth sports and elder exercise. Some classrooms are designated for special education and one for the Roxbury town court.

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Next reunion Saturday Sept. 13, 2014
at the Oneonta Elks Hall, 84 Chestnut St.
Check-in 2:00 pm; Buffet 3:00 pm